"Watkins merges the old and the new to convey the illusive essence of time and the past with the present."

Portrait of an Artist by Mary Lou Baker 2013

" Gail, fill your life and your soul with a passion that is your's alone."

The Joy Behar Show Oct. 21, 2011

"In 1984, Gail went to Italy...for an art program. For the good of her marriage she's gone back every summer since without her husband.".

The Today Show Oct. 8, 2011

"Watkins' clear command of her idiom rewards both the simple glance and the focused gaze..."

Gail Hillow Watkins by Jonathan Goodman 2010

"...Watkins milks a single idea to the nth degree with moments of success."

Making the New Look Old by Jessica Dawson 2007

"A mother and a daughter, pursuing separate passions for painting and plankton, find inspiration in Chesapeake Bay..."

Motherly Art and Daughterly Science by L. Simarski and G. Guthridge 2007

"It's like looking back through the past to try and find the animal through the haze."

Extinct Animals Live On by Emily Campbell 2006

An Excellent Way to Honor Women by Anne Boone-Simanski 2006

"Watkins' panels resemble ancient icons, sacred images that are honored, even worshipped."

Species X, Homage to Loss by Janice Booth 2006

"...follow your bliss, be true to yourself, and the rest will follow."

Mothers and Daughters by Kessler Burnett 2004